Historic City Centre, Main Market Square and Jewish District
are the most popular sites of Kraków.
Full of shops, cafes and pubs attract million of tourists annually.
However the city and it's outskirts have so much more to offer.
Auschwitz Concentration Camp - shocking evidence of the horror
of Holocaust, UNESCO listed Wieliczka Salt Mine - each easily
accessible from the city centre.


Old Town – one of the oldest districts in Europe is a magnet for tourists from all around the world. Tireless and vibrant, it constitutes a fascinating collage of tourist attractions and everyday life of the local residents. Teeming with churches (over 15 within the area), the Old Town features a network of small streets, where it’s worth getting lost for a while.


Wawel Royal Castle – the most precious Polish heritage structure, picturesquely situated on a hill inside a bend of the Vistula, used to be the seat of the Royal Court for hundreds of years. Expanded for centuries, it forms a kaleidoscope of successive architectural epochs. Many legends grew up around Wawel, and one of them – about the Wawel Dragon – is known to all Poles. Everyone should visit the dragon, which belches out fire, at least once in the lifetime.


Kazimierz Jewish Quarter – The Jewish community used to be an integral part of the city of Krakow from 14th century on. Located adjacent to the Old Town, Kazimierz district (named after its founder - King Casimir III the Great) is an exceptional testimony to the Christian and Jewish cultures living next to each other. You must definitely visit this place – listen to Klezmer music and taste Ashkenazi cuisine. Feel the Jewish atmosphere of Krakow.


Wieliczka Salt Mine – Two salt mines that are unique on the global scale are located 15 km away from Krakow in towns of Wieliczka and Bochnia. These oldest Polish enterprises (700 years of operation) offer a trip to the underground world, which astounds with a rich tradition and history. The huge Chapel of St. Kinga, located 101 metres below the ground, or the salt lake where Polish Olympic Games participants windsurfed are only some of the local attractions.


Holocaust for the whole world. Cherished by the Polish and Jewish societies for the past decades, it is above all a shocking crime scene but also a place of contemplation and reflection. Distance from KRK: 65 km / 1 h.